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Eponymous is the fashion and lifestyle destination which understands your desire for style & individuality. Created by a dedicated team of industry insiders who feel passionately about giving contemporary designers a chance to be discovered, we select key independent brands who we believe are doing it differently, creating something special and epitomise what it means to be eponymous.

As a multi-award winning brand, our small and perfectly formed team works closely as an agent on behalf of each new designer. We aren't just another retailer; this is a partnership. We work hard to ensure that our carefully selected brands are promoted to our sophisticated, ethically minded audience.


“it is our vision to create a brand that not only operates ethically, but provides a luxury platform to promote independent designers equally.”

We think everyone should embrace their individuality and eponymous means uniquely you. When shopping with us you're choosing to support independent artisans. Why follow the crowd when you can Wear Eponymous,  and be your own story.

With multiple ways to engage with us, behind the scenes insights and an ever growing fashion and lifestyle provision for our eponymous customers, we are creating the go-to destination for designers and customers alike.


Our Core Ethics

.01 Working with designers

We believe that every designer who's featured on our platform should get the majority share in revenue from sales made via our online store www.eponymous.shop. We're confident that our commission is one of the fairest in the industry and we feel that this is a reflection of the hard work and skill that each designer puts into their products.

.02 Protecting you online

One of the challenges regularly facing designers is the risk of online fraud. We have implemented various systems to protect our designers & customers so that each sale is covered by these, mitigating the risk of sophisticated fraudulent activity. Online fraud is a serious problem that can risk the future of any small businesses.


.03 Model policy

As a company, we are dedicated to promoting a positive and healthy ethos throughout our business, and this translates to our model casting too. As champions of the promotion of a positive body image, we will always endeavour to work with models of a healthy size. Similarly, we will only work with models over the age of 16.

.04 Sourcing of products

All of our chosen suppliers & brands are expected to work to their country’s legally implemented employment regulations and comply with all related health and safety conduct.  We also expect them to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.  We will never knowingly work with a supplier who chooses to breach their country’s policies and deny their workers of basic rights.


.05 Product packaging

Where possible, we aim to use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for our products. We aim to source from ethical suppliers and we use high quality, photo-degradable packaging bags and thicker bags are selected to prevent the danger of suffocation.

.06 impacting change in fashion

We strongly believe that we can have a positive impact on the fashion industry through our ethics and collaborating with like minded individuals and brands. Never underestimate the impact of one small change.


.08 Our customers

We view our customers as part of our brand and do everything we can to give them an excellent shopping experience. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we're always available to answer any questions.

.07 The fashion community

We are active in the fashion community and strive to help and assist in promoting a positive industry. Our outreach includes; coaching, consulting, actively participating in forums for change and opportunities plus supporting the highly influential blogging community.


What Makes Us Different?

It's simple, We Care. We’re not a faceless corporation and when you email us a real person responds.

Our small team understands how hard it can be to break through, find your audience and start selling. Individually and together we have worked with major brands and small independents and understand the importance of hand finished products, great photography and the artisan touch.

When you join us you’re not left to drown in a sea of competitors on a crammed marketplace, nor are you expected to run your own page and juggle multiple outlets while you are left struggling for time to do your most important task; create your collections.


“i am very lucky to have had the opportunity  to work with them, they have made it easy and exciting for me to become part of the eponymous family and i would recommend it to other designers!”

- Jane Harrison


Showcasing with us enables you to have your own collection page on our platform which you are then able to promote and share along side your other retail outlets.

We know there’s not a magical money pot to get you started. PR and advertising doesn’t come cheap. By joining us and you are increasing your online presence and the cross promotion received by featuring under the Eponymous umbrella is an effective way to get your brand noticed.

Working with the Eponymous platform this far has been a refreshing experience. Naromode found support and a chance to be discovered in a positive and innovative way, from twitter parties to social media sales; it is great to work with someone who supports emerging designers the way Eponymous do so naturally. It is easy to work with a team who is friendly and appreciates your brand from the beginning, we worked as a team to get the best outcome, it is easy to see they utilise what skills they have to their ability to get fantastic results for their designers.
— Iain MacDonald

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