Blogger Monday: Alisha from Little Beauty Secrets

W.E. believe that every blogger's voice should be heard and are constantly astounded by the quality, honesty and variety in what you share with us.  Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview a blogger who has something to say in their own unique and engaging words.

Today we speak to Alisha from LittleBeautySecrets blog about her discovery of blogging and healthy obsession with The 1975!

W.E: Hey! Tell us who you are!
Alisha: Hey! I'm Alisha and I'm a beauty and fashion blogger from London.
I'm 15 and I'm obsessed with The 1975. I enjoy writing and blogging helps me express my thoughts and opinions. I love everything about the 80's as most of my favourite movies were made during that decade!

W.E: What made you venture into blogging?
Alisha: Blogging wasn't very huge when I discovered it, and one day when I was bored and I thought, "Hey, I'm going to try this out!" and thats when it all began haha... oh and I was really into photography at the time.

W.E: What is your go-to hair-do?
Alisha: Pulled back, high ponytail.

W.E: What has been the most rewarding factor about blogging for you?
Alisha: Just the fact that thousands of people all over the world actually read my thoughts and opinions! Its incredible and I've met so many lovely people through blogging! I don't ever want to give it up!

W.E: How do you define beauty?
Alisha: Beauty, in my opinion, is found in everything. From people, to places, to food (yes I went there). I think anything that makes you happy or makes you smile is beauty :)

W.E: Your all time favourite wardrobe ensemble?
Alisha: A simple dress, black combat boots and a leather jacket.

W.E: Name a wardrobe item you'd be lost without.
Alisha: High wasted jeans -its so easy to style!

W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?
Alisha: I love how its a simple item but the pattern makes it unique and it can be styled in so many ways. Love it.

Jacquard Crop Top - £20 at Wear Eponymous

Jacquard Crop Top - £20 at Wear Eponymous

To find out more about Alisha, head on over to her blog LittleBeautySecrets.