Blogger Monday: Juliette Stephenson

W.E. believe that every blogger's voice should be heard and are constantly astounded by the quality, honesty and variety in what you share with us.  Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview a blogger who has something to say in their own unique and engaging words.

Today we speak to Juliette about her obsession with cakes, clothes and her favourite boots!

W.E: Hey! Tell us who you are!
I'm a fashion and beauty blogger from North East England, but based in Manchester. I am at university studying Fashion Design, Image Making and Styling and I'm obsessed with high waisted clothing, cakes and cute animals!

W.E: What made you venture into blogging?
I wanted to set up a blog for ages but only recently started as I just wasn't brave enough. I initially wanted to start blogging just to show of my personal style and what I had been buying recently (I shop waaayy too much!) Since setting it up though I have gained so much confidence in myself and my blog and a very large audience spanning across the globe! I am so happy with it and love all the feedback I receive.

W.E: What is your go-to hair-do?
My hair is naturally wavy so I usually just leave it to do its own thing. But I do also love top-knots and high ponytails, so that I get to show off my undercut!

W.E: What has been the most rewarding factor about blogging for you?
Getting lovely feedback and comments from like minded people. I love meeting and talking to people I've met through my blog!

W.E: How do you define beauty?
Juliette: Beauty to me, is in everything you do. Not only the way you look, but all of your little habits and hobbies etc, your favourite things to do and the way in which you hold yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

W.E: Your all time favourite wardrobe ensemble?
Hmmm, it changes all the time, but at the moment its black high waisted skinnies, a black crop top and chunky black boots, with a pastel over sized coat!

W.E: Name a wardrobe item you'd be lost without.
My Topshop AGRA boots. They are my go to shoes and I wear them constantly!

W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?
Juliette: Anything by SewLomax! Especially the Black Taxi Purse! (With the high waisted faux leather skirt coming up close second!)

SewLomax Taxi Purse - £12.50 at Wear Eponymous

SewLomax Taxi Purse - £12.50 at Wear Eponymous

To find out more about Juliette, visit her blog at