Blogger Monday: Joannaloves

With the digital age, came the birth of bloggers – the new digital age media army, with fashion and beauty warriors alike helping to set and develop trends around the globe. Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview an up and coming blogger that has shown skill, quality and excellent blogging values.

This week, we interview Joanna, from The blonde-haired beauty from South Wales, UK has already accrued over 123,000 page views – an impressive feat at the mere age of 22! 


W.E: Hello Joanna! Tell us a little about you and your blog!

Joanna: Hiii!  I'm a 22 year old blogger from a little market town in Wales. I blog daily about beauty, fashion and lifestyle due to my worrying obsession with shopping.


W.E: Why did you get into blogging?

Joanna: It originally started from my love of posting reviews on because I'm a serious beauty hoarder. I found other blogs through that and thought it was something I could try out, the rest was history!


W.E: As a fashion and beauty blogger, what Spring/Summer trends are you most excited about?

Joanna: So many! I always love a good bright lip in the spring/summer as a change from the dark berries in winter. Clothing wise, I can't get enough of pastels and monochrome.


W.E: What's the most rewarding thing about blogging?

Joanna: Interacting with a whole bunch of people who share similar interests - people who don't judge you for buying another beauty product you don't need it. The support from other bloggers is definitely the best part. There's always going to be negativity but for the most part, I've found the blogging community to be a positive place and I've made some amazing friends. 


W.E: In your opinion, what is the ultimate wardrobe classic?

Joanna: I'm an absolute sucker for a clean white blouse - you can wear them with anything and they just look classic.


W.E: Name an item in your wardrobe you cannot live without.

Joanna: My Topshop Leigh Jeans. They fit like a glove and they're the only skinny jeans I don't feel the need to undo when I've eaten too much chocolate! 


W.E: Tell us a funny story about fashion.

Joanna: The worst I can think of is when I went to a birthday party and didn't realise it was so chilled out, I turned up in my highest heels and best dress while everyone else was wearing converse and flats with jeans. It's my worst nightmare to be overdressed when everyone is super casual. Cringe!


W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?

Joanna: Definitely the classic white dress. It would look so gorgeous in the summer with a pair of big sunnies and wedges!

Classic White Dress - £39.99 at Wear Eponymous.

Classic White Dress - £39.99 at Wear Eponymous.

To find out more about Joanna and her blog, visit