Zoë With Umlauts - Make-up: The steps you can skip

Is a full make-up regime necessary? Blogger Zoë tells us why she thinks it's not.

Is a full make-up regime necessary? Blogger Zoë tells us why she thinks it's not.

Make-up is all about having fun and self-expression. If you want to wear it and feel comfortable in it, that's absolutely wonderful. If there is one thing you should take away from this post, it's just to be happy doing what you're doing! 

However, sometimes people adhere to these things because it's the "done thing." We're so often told what we should be doing, and what the 'next biggest thing' in beauty is, that we forget to think of our personal preferences and needs. Here is a short guide to a few of the steps you can skip in your make-up routine. 


Foundation and Concealer 

If you're lucky enough to be blessed with flawless skin, why are you covering it in skin-coloured liquid?! The less you wear base make-up, the better your skin will be, and it saves you loads of time. My recommendation would be have a foundation for occasions, a BB cream for those days when you do need that extra bit of help, but for everyday, leave your skin to breathe! 


Contour and Highlight 

Got really pronounced cheekbones? Then you don't need to contour! It's a saviour for chubby faced girls like me, but for slimmer faces with more pronounced cheekbones, there's no need with either of these steps as they can sometimes slim your face out too much. Save time and money, plus avoid the Cruella Deville look! 



Eyebrows seem to be the big beauty trend at the moment, but that doesn't mean you need to do them! I personally like to very lightly fill in my brows with a powder as I'm blonde and they're very pale. If you have darker, thicker eyebrows, or you just like how they are naturally, then don't sweat it! 


Are there any other beauty trends that you like to skip? 


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