W.E. Travel Tips - the Wear Eponymous guide to packing light

Avoid luggage fees this year by following our travel tips guide!

Avoid luggage fees this year by following our travel tips guide!

It’s summer time and with the sunshine comes holidays, vacations, staycations, city breaks and day trips. Each one brings with it fun memories, amusing anecdotes and never-to-be-forgotten experiences but which part of any trip do you never reminisce about fondly? It’s definitely the packing!

In an age where commercial airlines put limits on your luggage size and weight so strict that a kilo or two extra weight can result in a hefty fine that seriously eats into your spending money, here’s our handy tips for packing light and making maximum space for the obligatory holiday purchases.

Most of us know the classic tricks of stuffing underwear into shoes and sandals, and using items such as socks and rolled up separates to keep shape in garments you don’t want to crumple and spoil. A great little tip that you might not have thought of is to put older, tired underwear and socks to one side during the year (instead of binning them) and use them on your holiday, disposing of them as your break progresses. The result? A much lighter suitcase plus more room on your travels back - a perfect swap out and economical too. The same can be done for shoes and clothes that are reaching the end of their wear cycle but are good for one more outing.

Everyone knows that travel sizes of your favourite products are the most convenient for breaks but do you often find that they are too small for a two-week holiday and not always good value for money? There are a few ways to overcome this. Some people simply take their full size bottles but with only enough left to see them through the break (perfect for disposal before traveling back), others dispense their products into travel containers of a variety of sizes to suit their individual needs and, our favourite tip, there is a way to take all of your shampoo, conditioner, body or facial wash & moisturisers with you for no cost at all! From the moment you book your break until the time the lock goes on the suitcase, collect every free product sample that you spot in magazines, supermarkets, chemists (drugstores) and those that are often popped through your letterbox during a marketing campaign. You will be surprised just how many free samples you can collect before you travel and the best part is that shampoo and conditioner samples often contain 2 or 3 washes worth or product while moisturiser sachets can easily contain more than one use. Think of the packing spaced saved with this tip - definitely one of the best insider secrets we’ve heard!

When we challenged our loyal Twitter followers to share their best packing light tips, the overwhelming response was to keep to fold-friendly fabrics and opt for layers of clothing rather than heavy, thick space invaders. @nadenemeatsix suggests that you ‘always go for the cute cottons, crop tops and leggings are great. Never go for any big time creasers!’ while @cherrycola28 recommends that you ‘pack a few versatile pieces and focus on fabrics that don't wrinkle!’

Do you have any top travel tips that you couldn't holiday without? Let us know and, in the meantime, here’s our top pick of W.E. light and versatile pieces - perfect for any summer break!