#WeStyle - What Beauty Means to Me

Lynsay from Miss West End Girl takes on the concept of beauty.

Lynsay from Miss West End Girl takes on the concept of beauty.

When Wear Eponymous first asked what beauty means to me, I instantly thought of an Audrey Hepburn quote that I completely adore: "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls". As a woman famed for 100% glamour (and THAT Givenchy dress,) it's really kind of awesome to know that Audrey Hepburn didn't subscribe to narrow-minded and superficial ideals of beauty.

I don't believe that the secret to true beauty comes in a jar of lotion with a £100 price tag. In fact, I don't think that true beauty is a secret at all! I believe that beauty is all around us, and it doesn't take much looking to see it. It's easy to feel intimidated in a world full of airbrushed magazines, reality TV shows and larger-than-life music videos. It's easy to think that this is the standard, the 'norm' that we should be aspiring to - but it's all a fantasy. And if you ask me, a little outdated at that! If we all looked the same, you must admit - life would be pretty dull.

Feeling fabulous in your own skin and celebrating what makes you unique is what real beauty is to me. I know it's easier said than done, and for many of us it can be quite a journey, but after 28 years on the planet I think I've finally cracked it - and it feels AMAZING.

It's funny how things change. I never used to show my arms, or smile with my teeth and there was no way in hell I'd wear swimwear in public. But I believe that being happy with yourself, the kind of happy Pharrell sings about and that Audrey Hepburn talked about all those years ago, can change your perception of beauty and your life. Not just accepting yourself but loving yourself - inside and out - also means you can explore and express your personal style like never before and have a lot of fun with it! Like the burst of confidence that comes with finding the perfect violet lipstick, a signature scent, or even trying a radical new hairstyle - it can make you feel like you can take on the world!

Next time you pass the mirror, look yourself in the eye and instead of fixating on something you wish you could change, think about what you wouldn't change. The things that make you so you. Are these the kinds of traits you pick out when you think of other people as beautiful?

Beauty is the 90-year-old lady who’s wearing bright turquoise tights with fuchsia shoes and OWNING it, it's that guy that's taking time out of his day to really help someone. It's the girl that's wearing short shorts for the first time and not giving a damn about stretch-marks.

Beauty is everywhere we look and to me it all comes down to inner happiness.

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