Blogger Monday: Iris Zhou

With the digital age, came the birth of bloggers – the new digital age media army, with fashion and beauty warriors alike helping to set and develop trends around the globe. Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview an up and coming blogger that has shown skill, quality and excellent blogging values.

This week, we interview Iris Zhou from Hey Iris. Iris is a lifestyle blogger as well as an aspiring designer and entrepreneur.

Iris Zhou of Hey Iris.

Iris Zhou of Hey Iris.

W.E: Hey Iris! Tell us a bit about you!

Iris: Hi! I'm Iris, I'm 14 and live in the Pacific Northwest. I love Boba tea and really food in general. Blogging has been a passion of mine for a few years, only recently have I discovered what I really enjoy blogging about. I love writing and all sorts of art and I like to keep any of those things in a little notebook I carry around with me. I love little coffee shops, camping, and feeling productive (although that doesn't happen very much!)


W.E: Why did you start your blog?

Iris: I started my blog, Hey Iris, because I felt like I had all these thoughts and ideas that were bubbling inside me. I didn't feel like sharing those ideas with people in real life because they weren't always suited for casual, funny conversations and where else could I go through a whole outfit of the day and still have the readers attention? 


W.E: What are your favourite SS2014 trends?

Iris: Loving the bold colours being used! A white top and a big, bold yellow skirt is a great example of that. I also really like the textures, with actual fabric (like leather and lace) and also patterns like leopard-print. I also saw some beautiful marbling and watercolour patterns on some dresses and pants which I loved. 


W.E: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Iris: That would be the tie between the ability to share my ideas with the world, freely and open, and the amazing community that has formed around blogging. The community is so welcoming and kind, it's possibly one of the best places on the internet. 


W.E: How do you define beauty?

Iris: Beauty is how you hold yourself. It's how confident you feel with yourself, both body and image. But that doesn't mean make-up or fashion doesn't contribute to ones beauty. Make-up is so often is a form of expression and a way to boost that confidence you have in yourself.


W.E: What's your classic capsule wardrobe?

Iris: Dark jeans, converse, and a comfy tee. I'm all about the comfort and still looking good at the same time. Simple is the key here! I have little time in the mornings so I want to be able to quickly grab a weather-appropriate outfit in a pinch.


W.E: Name a wardrobe item you'd be lost without.

Iris: Hmm... that would probably be my army jacket. It goes with almost everything and since it's quite chilly in the mornings, it's great to just toss on and head out the door. 


W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?

Iris: The classic clutch bag had my eye immediately. I love small bags and this one looks amazing. It's very versatile in my mind and would add a bit of formality to my otherwise casual looks.

Classic Clutch Bag - £20.00 at Wear Eponymous

Classic Clutch Bag - £20.00 at Wear Eponymous


To find out more about Iris, head on over to her blog, Hey Iris.