Where Did You Wear Eponymous: Tania Pryer

Name: Tania Pryer
Website: taniaxkoi.blogspot.com
Twitter: @taniaxkoi
Instagram: instagram.com/taniaxkoi

1. Hey! Tell us who you are.
I'm a 21 year old supermarket cashier with a love for fashion and beauty! I've also got an inbuilt love for anything geeky or nerdy.

2. What did you buy from W.E.?
I bought the Black Quilted Patent Clutch Bag.

3. What was the event?
A dinner outing with a friend for a catch up!

4. What would you like to see on the shop next season?
I would love to see more autumn clothes, such as coats and jumpers.


You’re in luck Tania - we’re launching some new lines in September!