Blogger Special: Fashion Worked

You’ll know by now that we feel passionately about our company ethos to ‘be your own story’. So many bloggers are working hard to share what they love and care about with their following and this particular blog stood out to us from our early beginnings. We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Fashion Worked about this great fashion blog with a strong message and some great advice for anyone looking to emulate their success

1. Tell us a bit about you.

Well I guess the thing most people find curious is that while I write about women's fashion I'm a boy. Men's fashion is dull though, and I like to look at the pretty things, rather than ironic T-Shirts and all that jazz you get in menswear. I'm also huge on activism and I guess that's reflected in my love for Katherine Hamnett and the philosophy of act local, think global as much in fashion as in life.

2. How did Fashion Worked come to be?

True story, FW existed because on my birthday 3 years ago a friend told me I was boring her with my thoughts on dress styles and that I should blog as maybe there was someone who wanted to listen but it clearly wasn't her. Less than a month later the first post appeared and here we are 3 years later with many changes but a site I can be proud of.

3. What is your stand out writing/blogging moment to date?

Hard to pick, having Polly Vernon do something with me early on was amazing, I find her so inspiring in terms of the blogger/writer I would love to be. I think though for me it is more about the feedback I got of changing my focus from the High Street into indie labels & retailers. It really was a vindication that following my heart into where I really wanted to be was the right choice. It was a real moment of change when I published the post, defining the change that I was making and one I'm so glad I did.

4. Describe your classic go-to look.

Never knowingly under dressed, I like a more tailored, vintage look. Love a blazer, love ties and bow ties, love more fitted items. I think I may range somewhere between Michael Caine in the 60's and a hobo though, as I usually have my battered old satchel and vintage New York Yankees pitcher cap, not a baseball cap, more like a flat cap but not, think Field Of Dreams.

5. How did you discover Wear Eponymous?

Via Twitter, your running a very innovative and compelling campaign. Reaching out in a way that respects and values the time and effort of the people you're connecting with is amazing, but also the Twitter parties encourage a community to be built and that is quite eye catching.

6. Finally, what advice would you give anyone thinking about venturing into fashion blogging/writing?

A couple of things

Don't blog just for stats, blog in a way that in 10 years time you can look back and see an output you can be personally proud of.

Be thick skinned, believe in what your doing, You will have critics, but stay true to yourself as you can't please everyone, and trying is a dangerous slope into confusion. The best bloggers have a real sense of identity, and you are your biggest USP; be proud of that.

Remember to evolve as a blogger, as you go you become better and better, don't be afraid to change, experiences and time will change you and your thoughts, use that to move forward and keep things fresh.


You can find out more about all things Fashion Worked via @fashionworked  and