Blogger Special: Fashion Poetry

There’s a first for everything and creativity knows no bounds.  We discovered just how wide ranging our blogger followers can be when Tokoni contacted us to ask if she could share some poetry with us.  Naturally, we jump at the chance to read anything that you take the time to share with us, and poetry is something that we never expected.  We love it and hope you enjoy reading some fashion pros as much as we do!

Here’s a mini bio of Tokoni Uti from her blog, & twitter @TokoniOUti


I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and developed an interest in literature from an early age. I began writing when i was 10. I attended the International School of the University of Lagos and I'm  currently at Bowen University, Nigeria. I am a Novelist and poet and have previously written poetry for the Huffington Post, Portsmouth Daily Times, Space Bar magazine, S magazine,, San Diego Free Press, Collective Lifestyle Media, Op-ed News, The Brooklyn Reader and Los Angeles Free Press.

My fashion themed poem is below. Its about the aura and air of the fashionable woman who wears her clothes with pride but never allows the clothes to wear her.

A thousand eyes are fixed on your glory. 
The fabric on your skin narrates your story. 
The metal on your hands is a tribute to friends and freaks. 
And to those who analyze the color on your cheeks. 
The height on your feet are an excuse to ignore. 
The gloss in your hair is consolation for your ache and sore. 
You are sheltered in the aura of grace and class. 
As you admire yourself in the looking glass.