Blogger Monday: Nicole Findlay

With the digital age, came the birth of bloggers – the new digital age media army, with fashion and beauty warriors alike helping to set and develop trends around the globe. Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview an up and coming blogger that has shown skill, quality and excellent blogging values.

This week, we interview Nicole from Coco Made Her Do It. A self-professed cheese lover, red wine drinker and major cat lover, she's a lady after our own hearts.

Nicole from Coco Made Her Do It.

Nicole from Coco Made Her Do It.

W.E: Hey Nicole! Tell us a bit about you!

Nicole: Hi, my lovelies! My name is Nicole, also known as Coco. I'm 21 and from a little town in between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I am currently working in H&M's online offices which is fun! I am one of the most easy going real person you will most definitely ever meet. I am very big cat lover to which I have three. I will try and talk to you about anything as I love a good chat. Being very strong minded, I have a good sense of who I am and what I like - which is perfect in fashion. 


W.E: Why did you start a blog?

Nicole: I am desperately creative and I long to put as much of my creative abilities into one channel. I tend to go through phases of mini hobbies, for example, customizing shoes, tie-dying, knitting and face painting. What I have noticed is my need to express myself in fashion has never really disappeared. I have actually owned my blog for about 4 years but I never really had a good understanding of who I was and what I liked, therefore it never amounted to anything. Now, almost 22 I am comfortable within my own views and how I would like to portray my take on fashion. I was forever having my friends ask me what should they wear to various events and they would raid my wardrobe asking to borrow items. I got to the point where I thought “right, I need to help these chicks!”


W.E: What is your go-to summer hairstyle?

Nicole: My summer hairstyle has to be the most natural and that of course is a natural wave. If you are not blessed with a natural wave (I'm not at all) then it is super easy to create one. All you need to do is put a few curls with some straighteners through the ends of your hair and that's it! Natural wavy hair screams summer - it's pretty and effortless.


W.E: What has been your all-time favorite blogging moment?

Nicole: As I am a new blogger of only a few months there has only been a handful of events I have attended. However, I recently attended a networking event by the Scottish Fashion Network in Glasgow and I met some fantastic people. It was filled with loads of folks from the industry and it was really nice to mingle with them all. It is such a great community to be apart of and it's filled with so many like minded people.


W.E: How do you define beauty?

Nicole: Beauty to me is self confidence. Knowing your worth and never accepting anything less. Being able to understand who you are and what you want from life is beautiful. 


W.E: Your all time favorite wardrobe ensemble?

Nicole: It would be extremely easy for me to say some gorgeous strappy heels however I am more for a really cracking pair of sneakers. Living in Scotland means that nine times out of ten, it's miserable rainy weather so I have my practical head on. I am always trying to get from A to B and that's when you need trainers. Good news for us though as the trainer game is on fire at the moment and you will find amazing deals everywhere you go!


W.E: Name a wardrobe item you'd be lost without.

Nicole: I would be utterly lost without my harem pants. I have them in every colour and pattern. If you haven't already guessed I can be a bit lazy when it comes to fashion and extremely open minded. This means when I see something I like I will have an excuse to wear it with everything to every occasion! They are comfortable and so flattering on! Whether that is with a pair of sandles, flip flops or some heels, they work. They work every time! Do not be afraid of the harem pants. You will forever thank me when you buy them!


W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?

Nicole: It has to be the beige classic trench coat. Any classic key pieces - I am a fan! It is unbelievably stunning and flatters all shapes and sizes. It can be worn from the office to a bar, off out shopping or withl your comfy jeans! Every gal should have one in your wardrobe and if your about to purchase one, Wear Eponymous is your shop!


Classic Trench Coat in Beige - Wear Eponymous - £80.00

Classic Trench Coat in Beige - Wear Eponymous - £80.00

To find out more about Nicole, head on over to her blog, Coco Made Her Do It.