Blogger Monday: Kiarna from Mammas Journey

With the digital age, came the birth of bloggers – the new digital age media army, with fashion and beauty warriors alike helping to set and develop trends around the globe. Every Monday, Wear Eponymous sits down to interview an up and coming blogger that has shown skill, quality and excellent blogging values.

This week we speak to Kiarna from Mamas Journey who is a freelance writer and weight loss motivator!

Kiarna Blogger.jpeg

W.E: Hey! Tell us who you are!

Kiarna: My names Kiarna and I am a weight loss blogger at Mama's Journey to Slim 'n' Curvy. I'm also a single parent and a freelance writer.


W.E: What made you venture into blogging?

Kiarna: I decided to start a blog to help me with my weight loss journey. Writing a diary would not have stuck and would have easily been forgotten, so I decided to track my weight loss antics via a blog. So far, I've lost over 4 stone and a lot of that motivation comes from blogging. After blogging for a month or so, I found that there were other mothers out there, who wanted to lose weight and needed so motivation. That is why I decided to start a success story page, dedicated to mothers who have lost weight. I want to give mothers hope that you can still be fit & healthy and be a dedicated mother at the same time.


W.E: What is your go-to hair-do?

Kiarna: My go-to hair-do has to be the loose wave look. I use my straighteners to achieve this look and I find it super super super easy, which is ideal for us mothers!


W.E: What has been the most rewarding factor about blogging for you?

Kiarna: I find helping others rewarding and knowing that my posts have had a positive affect on someone. I write to motivate people and to help them make sensible choices, so when I get great feedback from my readers, I feel like I have done something worthwhile.


W.E: How do you define beauty?

Kiarna: Beauty is having confidence in who you are and accepting your flaws.


W.E: Your all time favourite wardrobe ensemble?

Kiarna: Gotta love a pair of jeggins, wedge sandals and a bold colored chiffon blouse.


W.E: Name a wardrobe item you'd be lost without.

Kiarna: My Jeggins! I've forgotten what it's like to wear jeans.


W.E: Finally, what is your favourite Wear Eponymous piece this season?

Kiarna: I'm loving Ice Blue Lipstick Makeup Pouch. Not only does it look fabulous and quirky but it's WIPE CLEAN! Which is a must for a make-up bag.

SewLomax Ice Blue Lipstick Pouch - £25 at Wear Eponymous

SewLomax Ice Blue Lipstick Pouch - £25 at Wear Eponymous

To find out more about Kiarna, head on over to her blog, Mamas Journey.