W.E. Have Been Busy!

We have some fabulous news for everyone who follows us and understands our passion for supporting independent brands and those who choose to follow their own path and be their own story.

So here’s the good news…we’ve opened our first store in Princes Square!  Now you can browse these brands on the high street but don’t worry; if you can’t get to us you’ll still be able to order online.

Want some more good news?  We’ve been nominated in the Herald Fashion Awards for online retailer of the year for the 2nd year running!  We’re honoured and ecstatic to have been selected again and who knows, this might be our lucky year!

Finally, we’ve saved the most exciting launch till last.  W.E. welcome RedApple Designs to our shop!  This fun and innovative jewellery and accessories range is both colourful and unique.  With a wide range of designs and clever use of colour and pigment, you’ll struggle to pick a favourite!

MAC Dark Soul with Vintage Gold Flakes Bangle - £20

MAC Dark Soul with Vintage Gold Flakes Bangle - £20