Johanna Fleming

Johanna Fleming is an artistic talent, based in Scotland, with many strings to her bow.  From celebrity commissions to London exhibits, we are thrilled to launch her debut scarf collection for us and know that you’ll fall in love with her designs as quickly as we did.

1) Tell us about your design background?

I completed my Masters degree in Textile Design for Print at Heriot Watt University in 2012. In my final year at University I was accepted to exhibit at New Designers One Year On in London which gave me wonderful contacts for starting up my business.

Over the last three years I have been freelancing for various different companies, some have included small design projects for Selfridges, White Rabbits Boutique , designing for The Prints Community, producing scarves for Celebrity Agencies - the beauty behind my Illustrations is that I can apply myself to different projects. My biro pen style drawing has given me a unique approach to my current Collection and I am very happy to be selling in Glasgow.


2)Who or what inspires you with each Collection? 

I am inspired by family memories. Growing up in Dunoon in Scotland I spent the majority of my childhood at Benmore Botanic Gardens- I always had a fascination with nature. My latest Collection I have been developing for the last couple of years - I am a perfectionist when it comes to designing Illustrating.


3)How did your Florence and the Machine artwork come to be? 

In 2012 I submitted my Illustration for Florence & the Machine single 'Only if for a night' in a Talenthouse competition for Secret 7. Overall I was selected by receiving 2546 votes for my Illustration and gained worldwide coverage.  It showcased amazing support from family, friends & Heriot Watt University.


4) Is there a typical Johanna Fleming fan or do you have a wide audience?

Over the last 3 years my Design Collections have varied from doing Illustrations, freelancing for Fashion and producing art for Interior. Hopefully in the next year or so I will have a wide audience with all the new Collections I am planning to produce for 2016.


5) What is next for the design agenda in 2016?

I would love to expand my current Collection into Interior and focus on more Illustrations. I have a lot of goals that I am wanting to achieve before I turn 30! Haha! I just want to produce a stylish modern collection and get recognition for my unique Illustrations.

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