Blogger Monday Special: A day in the life of Amy McGregor

Welcome to a very special Blogger Monday.  Today we’ve asked Scottish lifestyle designer, Amy McGregor, to share a typical day from her busy diary, exclusively with us.  Here’s a glimpse into just what it takes to run a successful growing lifestyle brand from the designer herself:

8.30am My alarm goes off and I roll out of bed and have a shower.  Like most people I am still half asleep! I get dressed into my studio clothes and ready to face the day. While I’m checking for any important emails and orders, I have my breakfast including a big cup of tea. I am delighted today as I have an early order; two floral and bird cushions! 

Floral and Birds Cushion

Floral and Birds Cushion

I have already got one cushion made but need to make the other one so that’s my priority this morning. I go to my studio where I have everything I need - print equipment, screens, pigments, sewing machine etc. I can roll out of bed and head into the studio without traveling anywhere as it’s my converted garage! The floral and bird cushion is digitally printed which I source from Be Fab Be Creative ( luckily enough I have that 1 left – need to remember to order more). It takes me about 20mins to sew and overlock the cushion and without fail I always seem to stab myself with a pin! The cushions are now packed and labelled, only one thing left to do… send it!

Now I’m off to send the parcel and head into a local school. Once a week I volunteer as a classroom assistant in the Art and Design Department there. It’s a great way for me to unwind from the business and also allows me to pass my knowledge of textiles and what I have experienced over the years on to pupils. I have a mix of classes -1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th years which is great experience for me. All the classes are different and I love helping them out.  I am there from mid-morning to the afternoon.

After getting home from the school it’s time for a quick 5 minute break before I begin to do more work. I answer a few emails while drinking more tea and having some Maryland cookie biscuits – they are the best! I noticed yesterday I am running low on some of my eco friendly bag range so I think I’d better do some printing, I head into my studio to print some bags as it takes me an hour to do 6. I print those then I wash and dry the screen with a big heater. While I am doing this the bags are drying via hairdryer.

Once they have dried I repeat the whole process again but on the other side of the bags. Once they have been printed I need to iron the design so that the pigment is fixed permanently.  This can take a while so I have my dinner first (quick munch and I’m back to work).  I have decided to watch Hollyoaks while ironing my bags as ironing can be boring! Afterwards I need to stitch my labels onto each bag.  It it doesn’t take long and then...job done!  


After a very busy day, it’s nearly bed time me thinks. Before going to bed I order some more cushion covers and while I am ordering I check my emails for the final time and notice that I have a trade order from Orkney - great news! Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?! Yes you guessed it working on the order.  

11.00pm: sleeeeeeep

Thanks to Amy for sharing her day with us and we can’t wait to see her new designs which are due for release later this year.  Amy McGregor is a name to watch and you can see her collection for Wear Eponymous here: