Vloggers W.E. Love

You already know how much we love a good blogger (‪#‎BloggerMonday‬‪#‎WEAwards‬ et al have proved our love for you guys!) but did you know that we also make time every week in the studio to catch up with our favourite vloggers too?

We have no doubt that many of you will share the love we have for our top Youtube vloggers we’ve selected for you today, and it was virtually impossible to stop at five! Here’s a flavour of who floats our creative boats:



These ladies simply can do no wrong in our eyes and, like a fine wine, just get better with age. Sisters with creatively in their blood, Sam and Nic will guide you through everything you need to know about makeup, self-confidence and industry chat, all the while making you feel like part of the (incredibly talented) Chapman family. We make no apologies for girl crushing on these two!


Lisa Eldridge

The queen of makeup, Lisa oozes style and elegance in each beautifully filmed tutorial. She uses a variety of models to replicate looks she’s created on many a magazine cover and regularly films looks on herself that she created for an A lister's red carpet somewhere in the world a matter of days before. This lady has earned her makeup stripes and knows what she’s talking about. When Lisa speaks, we listen!


Amanda de Cadenet

We’ve been fans of Amanda since she appeared on our screens in the early 1990s (even if we were a tad too young for The Word at the time!). In addition to her US photographic career, Amanda has created an incredibly inspiring website called The Conversation (and if you haven’t caught the TV series yet where she chats in-depth and very frankly with her celebrity friends - go see!) and her vlogs are equally as honest, thought-provoking and conversation sparking. An essential watch.


Lean Machines

These guys are just what you need when you want to get fit and healthy but lack the motivation to do it yourself. With a variety of videos covering home workouts, gym moves and healthy eating, they also take the time to bust myths, encourage you to think about how to get the most out of your workout time and, most importantly, don’t take it too seriously. The mark of true professionals, to us, are those who are experts in their field and not afraid to have a laugh doing it!



Stefan Gates is new to Youtube but you’ll recognise him from his extremely entertaining television shows which get to grips with all things food. He’ll have you thinking twice about anything you eat from now on with his fun and innovative ways of merging food and science with a hint of crazy. Fancy making your own butter or cooking your breakfast on an iron? Congratulations, you’ve just found the man who can!

Who's your favourite vlogger? Leave a comment of who they are and why you like them so that we can check them out!