Never Lose Your Cool

Don’t you just love those days when inspiration strikes you out of nowhere from something as simple as a song, a remark or a photograph that sparks something within? Recently we caught a debate on television about old photographs of yourself and whether they provoke nostalgia or embarrassment within you and later that day up pops David Bowie’s Golden Years on the wireless (ironic pun - we’re not THAT old that we actually call it that!).

It got us thinking, some people are just effortlessly cool and even when you look back through the decades they just look…great. Here’s our pick of some guys and gals who appear to either have a) access to a time machine or b) the eternal coolness gene.


1. David Bowie.

The epitome of cool.

2. Sophia Loren

This lady looks cool, confident and classy in every single decade.

3. Brian Ferry

Somehow manages to make you look beyond the era in every image. Captivating guy.

4. Grace Jones

When you grab life by the cahoonas and dress for yourself throughout the decades, you can either sink or swim in style faux pas. Grace has very much swam and only she could upstage Tina Turner in a jumpsuit in the early 80s (props to Tina - we love her too!)

5. Prince

Because it’s Prince.

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