W.E. Interview Miss West End Girl

W.E. love your blog!  What has to spark your interest before you choose to write about something?

Thank you so much! That's a good question - so many different things inspire me to write, but I guess the rule of thumb is that it usually is something that makes me smile. Whether it's an up-and-coming business doing something unique, or a designer having fun with fashion, or something that I've experienced personally and want to share with my readers...the common thing is that I love to celebrate life and all it's beautiful quirks.


You’ve got a solid following AND have the respect of your fellow bloggers -  not easy to do! What do you think makes your blogs so engaging?

Gosh, that's very kind! I try to write in the same way that I would sit down and chat with a friend, and I'm a firm believer of dancing (or writing!) to your own tune. There are lots of bloggers now compared to when I first started, but there's really no sense of competition there - in fact, we have a really strong sense of community which is amazing. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table, and I love that.


What do you look for in an independent brand when they’re new on the scene?

Anyone that loves what they do will instantly pique my interest and gain my respect. To me, there's nothing more fantastic than someone that is doing what they do because they are passionate about it, and want to shout it from the rooftops. It's infectious and I always love getting to know people that have that sparkle in their soul - it will ALWAYS translate into their work somehow.


Do you have any advice for new designers or makers looking to chat with someone like yourself?

Yes, don't be shy to come and say hello! Some of the greatest ideas have come about as a result of people having a chat and you never know where an email or tweet could lead. I'm always over the moon to hear from new creatives, and discover the work that they are doing. It's a really exciting time just now.


Finally, describe your perfect shopping trip (it can be anywhere, anything and even include some online purchases)!

My perfect shopping trip would be one spent with an accomplice! Having a team-mate to give you an honest opinion and boost your confidence is the best. My personal style is made up of such a variety too, so I guess the trip would need to include independent designers, vintage/ thrift stores, local boutiques, and the odd high-street store. My favourite cities to shop in are Glasgow and London - the local talent and variety of stores in both cities is just incredible.