Working with Daisy Blue

Luxury candles are one of lives loveliest treats and the choice in the current market is virtually limitless.  So what does it take to stand out and be seen?  A beautiful fragrance? Absolutely.  Attractive packaging?  Sure.  Accessible price point?  Without a doubt. A welcoming brand which doesn’t alienate any customer demographics? Essential.

Daisy Blue encapsulates all of the above and the key factor in this is that brand creator, Lorraine, is clever in her scent research, aware of the market and realistic in her long term growth goals. Some brands try to walk before they can run or, alternatively, are too afraid to take risks, so to work with someone who is open to challenges and communicative alongside this is a dream!


Our social media project

Already a successful brand within our Princes Square popup and with many outlets in addition to us, we felt that Daisy Blue’s strength was Lorraine’s excellent blogging work and gift of creating stunning social media imagery.  If you haven’t already checked out the Daisy Blue Instagram feed then make it a must for all your inspirational images and outfit of the day ideas.


Taking responsibility for your side of any agreement is vitally important to manage expectations and, regardless of what this may be, clear and open discussions need to be had in order to agree what is to be done, by whom and with a timeline heading towards either a finalised outcome or milestone reviews.  If you sign up to an opportunity only to leave your brand to sit stagnant with no interaction or independent marketing of your outlets then this is guaranteed to lead to a disappointing outcome.  Likewise, an over-eagerness for daily updates and exceptionally fast growth is equally unrealistic and can generate the perception of a lack of progress and lead to disappointment, not to mention an early end to what had potential but wasn’t given time to develop.  Again, Daisy Blue is a brand that more than understands this and it was a very smooth process to agree our competition rules and set up our social media strategy.

We decided to run a competition for the month of September, open globally to entrants, with the winner receiving the Daisy Blue scent of their choice.  All that was required of each entrant was to like both businesses social media pages that the competition was promoted on, share the giveaway and comment with their preferred scent.  The key here was that the entrant was only asked to perform a very small task in liking and sharing the post, with the additional requirement of visiting the Daisy Blue page to view the collection and make a decision to share under the giveaway comments section.  

Research indicates that competition entrants will respond positively to a simple entry requirement but numbers are likely to drop significantly if there are too many elements to fulfil to enter what may be perceived as a low-value giveaway.  If they were entering for a high value item such as a car or a holiday then they would expect there to be in-depth terms of entry but for gifts and prize bundles, asking too much of an entrant often results in lower overall entry numbers.  

By asking the additional element of stating a favourite scent to win, not only did it guarantee the winner a gift they would already love, it also began a connection with the brand in multiple ways; familiarity, awareness and emotional connection where fragrances triggered a response such as memories, favourite perfumes and interest in beautiful names such as Wedding Wishes etc. We could then monitor analytics and share these with Daisy Blue and produce trend data relating to most requested scent combinations and reasons for selecting.



When you’re running a social media competition you’ve got to be clear;  it’s advertising, promotion and brand awareness.  You’re increasing your profile, introducing yourself to new followers (some of whom may be professional compers who only use a particular social media account to enter giveaways.  This shouldn’t be viewed negatively as they will be sharing and re-tweeting your brand arguably more often than a standard entrant may.  Don’t penalise someone for this and remember that anyone can choose to buy a product from you at any time, regardless of competitions won or entered.  

When comparing Facebook figures from beginning to end of September, followers for Daisy Blue increased by 12% over the project and our outreach was 17,253 views with shares of almost 1k.


Twitter was by far the most successful, with followers for @daisybluedreams increasing by over 100% and the competition shared over 1000 times during the project.


Finally, Instagram followers for @daisy_blue_dreams increased by 29% over the project and Lorraine continued to organically increase her following through her strong imagery and blogging throughout.  There is no doubt that this brand has aspirational imagery nailed, something which many struggle with.  

Our winner, Amy, was obviously thrilled to have won (choosing Lavender and Amber) and another string to Daisy Blue’s bow is personalising online dispatches with a little hand-written note and the attention to detail that a mass producer can’t fulfil in their scaled up systems.  Who doesn’t respond to this level of customer care?  It often means so much more than brands realise and worth doing whenever you can.  

Now, as we approach our Christmas 2016 popup concept store, Daisy Blue will take centre stage as the scented candle brand of the shop and we look forward to a whole new demographic discovering this beautifully curated collection. Visit the Leiper Gallery in West George Street Glasgow from 1st November onwards or visit the Daisy Blue collection on our award-winning online store to discover the brand for yourself.