Working with VVA Handbags

One of our key business beliefs has always been to say yes to a golden opportunity when it arises and work out how best to execute it later.  So far, so good and we love when a shared entrepreneurial spirit results in us working with fellow independent brands to join forces and use our mutual knowledge and skills combined.

Connecting with VVA Handbags is a fantastic example of the progression a brand can achieve when the creator is ready, willing and able to move forward with the support of a platform to promote their products and introduce them to a whole new audience.

W.E. began working with VVA Handbags in Spring 2015, with our platform appearing on brand creator Sarah Haran’s radar through a piece written about us in Business Woman Scotland magazine.   We sparked Sarah’s interest due to our mission to become a leading showcase for accessible luxury brands and, just like us, there was no delay in Sarah wanting to meet and get down to the business of discussing what we could do.

By July 2015 VVA was already in the early stages of evolving the brand and we were aware that the logo was due an update, as was the product offering and their social media strategy.  We were able to advise on photography and PR options based on what we had discovered in our online activity to that point and who we were aware of in the industry providing the right kind of support for businesses like Sarah’s.  For our joint project, it was most important to have brand new product photography and the brand’s first campaign shoot for their initial launch.  We put the wheels in motion by introducing who we felt could be a good fit with the brand and took part in key meetings.  It’s important to know when to step back and when to offer an opinion as it’s not your brand; you’re in the exciting position of being asked to be a part of the journey.  

This is what the VVA Logo looked like before their update.  When you compare before and after it is clear to see a move towards a simpler, more sophisticated look which is much more of a fit with their target market.  VVA bags are stunningly constructed, timeless in appearance and unique in their multi-functional USP and the new logo fits this beautifully.

Old Logo
Updated Logo for 2016

The design of the hero product in the collection was also evolving when we began to work together and Sarah knew that the name 2TO1 would be changing for her very clever multi-functional handbag which can be used in at least 8 ways, from day to evening and for any event.  Sarah settled on the Dahlia after multiple discussions with her PR team and we have to say we love it!  

As you can see from the two examples below, the evolution of the bag’s name, subtle design changes and a professional studio product shoot takes the brand to a whole new, luxurious level.


Finally, it was crucial to create a campaign that matched the look and feel of the brand.  The shoot had to have the right styling to match such a fun and luxurious bag, with the right model who knew how to make the bag the star of the show.  A small, highly skilled team was brought on board by VVA, utilising the best of independent talent and bespoke photography, videography and styling.  The resulting images were fun, sophisticated and captured Glasgow at it’s sunny, architecturally stunning best.  The goal with the shoot was to have the customer guessing where the location of the shoot was - it could have been London or any luxurious European destination!


Since we began our journey with VVA, the brand has continued to evolve and we love hearing about each resulting success.  From their continued social media growth and strong presence in the blogging community, it’s not surprising to hear yet another celebrity is the proud owner of their new VVA bag.  That’s the beauty of connecting with a like-minded brand; you join together for a shared goal, offer contacts and advice where appropriate and remain proudly independent as you continue to be your own story.