Working with Santorus London

When the designer stars align magic happens, and we’ve enjoyed watching our new collaborative partnership with Santorus London be welcomed so positively by the press since the get-go.  They have absolutely loved the Santorus presence here and while our collaborative journey is still in it’s infancy, it certainly merits a closer look under the banner of ‘when an image speaks a thousand words’.  W.E. take a closer look at how we’ve played a part in increasing the profile of this stunning brand in less than 6 months.  

We first came to the attention of Santorus when one of our scarf brands was featured in a Mother’s Day style guide in Metro newspaper.  Being a brand who also designed scarves, they spotted the us as an independent designer platform showcasing brands that were doing something similar to them and it was time to chat!  We found a common ground immediately and loved the close-knit structure of their company and the beautiful blend of artistic skills and family history which resulted in a wonderfully unique business offering.  


We were still running our Princes Square popup concept boutique at that time and in addition to brining the brand online, we felt it was important to showcase them in store to begin the familiarisation process with our regular customers, window shoppers and the large volume of international customers that visit this location due to it’s magnificent architecture and unique designer store offerings.  As was expected, visitors fell in love with the beautiful designs and wished to know more about the brand, which made for positive engagement and the ability to share their story.  The in-store launch coincided perfectly with the inaugural Style Mile event run by People Make Glasgow, a week-long initiative focusing on one of the most popular shopping streets in the whole of the UK.  We were invited to participate and it was a no-brainer to include Santorus designs in our various showcases.


When you buy a Santorus scarf, the beautiful packaging is as much a part of the shopping experience as the garment itself and therefore we felt it essential to showcase the products both boxed and on our ever-popular scarf wall.  We also ensured that a scarf was visible in the window display as the purchasing power of a well-designed window can never be underestimated.

Now this is the part where it pays to have a presence on a platform with a growing following; you’ll get noticed!  There’s absolutely no guarantee that even the most complimentary of bloggers, journalists, PRs or customers will ever pick up the phone to you or send that email and ask to chat/work together/buy that product but by having the most stunning campaign shoot we’ve ever seen for a scarf brand coupled with being present both online and in-store with us, a simple Instagram post resulted in the brand being spotted by two notable Scottish journalists.

Through this they requested to see more images from the brand and made contact with our awesome PR company, GPRG, to discuss how they could lead with this brand in an article that was in the pipeline about Wear Eponymous and what we do.  By having a show-stopping campaign and making themselves present, Santorus London had bought themselves a ticket to the front of the queue for featured brands in an article that realistically had over fifty brands to choose from.

The resulting article in The National did, indeed, lead with a Santorus campaign image

The resulting article in The National did, indeed, lead with a Santorus campaign image


We were interviewed for The Daily Record, the Scottish version of The Daily Mirror, for the centre pages fashion spread and an accompanying interview where the stylist, ever-talented James Rennie, insisted that Santorus was included in the shoot.  The results were fabulous and another key piece of profile-raising PR for all involved:

Since we completed the popup, the press has written about our company growth and online plans and guess what?  Santorus is frequently featured as a leading brand, with the resulting PR featuring in The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday.  All publications have a major outreach in Scotland, which gives Santorus access to an audience who may have yet to discover them, but what also cannot be undervalued is the power of the Scottish media online.  

Ex-pats, fans of the Scottish press and those with connections to the UK regularly search online for their daily dose of what’s happening here and it’s not just the print version of these articles that are read and bookmarked for future reference.  Indeed, customers from as far a field as the USA are purchasing their Santorus pieces from PR chains that stem from further afield that you may initially think.  It’s not a fast process, but when the wheels start turning, momentum begins to gain and the results can be thrilling!


So as we begin preparations for our 2016 festive popup in the most creative and artistic location to date, it’s clear that Santorus London has to be a part of such an event.  It’s notable that there is a marked interest in this brand due to the luxurious quality of the products and unique background of the company and we have had so many press hits in such little time that we look forward to the future with high hopes for the Santorus brand to become a household name both in the UK and beyond.