Working with Rebecca Torres

Rebecca Torres is a known name on the Scottish fashion scene and, unsurprisingly, continues to gain her rightful place in the UK hierarchy with each new release and continual press focus on where she will take the brand next.  Since joining forces with Rebecca in May, we’ve enjoyed watching the new swimwear collection reach sell-out status on certain lines and played a small part in bringing her designs to a wider audience and increasing mutual business profiles through brand focus on what W.E. is achieving in it’s quest to build on it’s standing as Scotland’s leading online destination for designers.


With numerous awards and multiple high street collaborations under her belt, Rebecca was a breeze to work with during our Princes Square popup concept boutique as she knew the processes and understood how retail works and is stocked in various locations worldwide.  This may sound like an obvious statement but you’d be surprised at how many new brands think access to a shop platform is the end of their journey and their success is complete.  Rebecca knows that this is simply another part of the create-make-sell chain and it requires promotion, social media, email newsletters and more. 

Unsurprisingly, shoppers connected immediately and they included both current fans of the brand and those who had discovered her through being featured with us in Princes Square.  There’s also something about swimwear which makes a customer extra excited when purchasing, as they often love to share exactly where they’re planning to wear it and needless to say Rebecca’s designs have been worn in the most luxurious of vacation destinations!


Launching the brand online was also a smooth process as Rebecca had shot a stunning campaign with high-end imagery which translated well for print and online PR:

To celebrate the end of the popup’s extended run, Rebecca’s was one of the brands who engaged in the opportunity to say farewell to the shop before the next planned event and joined bloggers, fellow designers and shoppers for a well deserved celebration and a gin cocktail courtesy of The Trading House Glasgow.  Customers continued to be drawn to the cut of Rebecca’s garments and the unique designs which stood out from the identikit offerings found in many fast fashion outlets.


Our decision to complete the popup and leave the style mille to fully focus online for the forthcoming quarter was an obvious one to us but seen as feisty and gutsy to the press, who chose to write about our decision in various publications and frequently selected Rebecca as an example of the design talent we carried.


When brands join our platform, as is standard in the fashion industry, they have to submit good product photography (ghost imagery too, if possible) and as strong a campaign shoot as they are able to produce to allow us to enter their products into the PR chain and include them in our social media strategy.  This, plus the obvious need for high resolution images for online shoppers to view in detail, means that there is a chance for any brand to be selected for the media if they fit the story for that particular article and meet the criteria for imagery needed.  When you take into account that the Rebecca Torres collection is in the mix with over 50 brands to select for any given press, this brands hit rate in less than 6 months has been solid.  Yet again, a piece was selected this week for The Scotsman magazine and generated some great feedback.

We’re having a great time working with Rebecca and really admire how far an outreach she’s achieving with her brand.  In collaborating, we are proud to play a small part in her story and look forward to her continued success in the upcoming season.