Working With Helen Ruth

Collaborating with lovely people never ceases to be a pleasure.  The mutual respect for each other’s skills and plans for development allows for growth and, with it, the opportunities that can arise.  All of the cliches are true as the best things do come to those who wait, as our partnership with Helen Ruth Scarves has brought with it so many unexpected twists and turns that simply wouldn’t have occurred if we had placed a deadline on our working partnership.

When Helen arranged to visit us in store in Princes Square in late 2015, we already knew of her brand and were very excited to speak with her - she didn’t disappoint.  It was an easy chat, a quick agreement to work together and within no time these intricate, striking designs were gaining attention in the run up to Christmas.  It wasn’t unusual for shoppers to take the time to analyse each and every design and call someone there and then to discuss a particular scarf which they knew would be perfect for that special someone in the family.  

We had a wall of scarves in store and a selection of Helen’s designs in the winter window display (V.M.’d by the great James Rennie) and these were guaranteed to generated interest, with regular requests for more information on the brand.


Meet The Locals is a great Glasgow street style community run by Ada, who also works with W.E., and she regularly organised style-up sessions in store to mix high end with street wear to prove the old adage that an investment piece can work with anything high street, provided you know how to adapt it to the look.  For several weeks they produced a wide range of looks including Helen Ruth designs and the variation was great fun to share on our social media channels with our followers and fans of Helen’s brand.


As Christmas approached Helen’s range was also picked up with notable UK fashion daily, The Lady Loves.

Helen’s scarves are responsible for a variety of our favourite customer tales as she seems to
create a consumer reaction in people that makes them need her scarves in their lives - seriously!


Three of our favourites that stand out are:

  • They lady who came in ten minutes before closing after spotting the Blood Moon wool twill scarf in the window, asked to see it and then panicked as she had to get her train back to London but was willing to jeopardise it in order to have that scarf in her case (she did!).
  • The artist who’d spotted a Helen scarf in our window while out looking for a birthday gift for a famous Scottish artist’s milestone birthday.  He was so taken with the level of detail in the designs that he selected this as the gift for this lady of high artistic calibre's gift.  Now that’s a compliment to Helen’s designs!
  • Releasing our monthly email newsletter mid-week and early on Saturday morning a customer from Ireland coming in to buy the exact Helen Ruth scarf we’d featured in the newsletter.  She told us at the till that she’d received the email, liked the look of the scarf and wanted to see it for herself before she purchased it, so flew over to Glasgow for a little weekend shopping trip.  We were thrilled to witness the power of a good product and also very relieved that we had it in stock!

When Helen decided to run a scarf event in February this year, she enlisted many of her blogging friends to get involved and also worked with our good friend and collaborator, Karen Bennie Events.  Karen put together a lovely, relaxed event which included a Prosecco bar courtesy of The Restaurant Bar and Grill and shoppers were able to enjoy a crisp, chilled glass while the spoke with Helen about off the peg designs and also some bespoke orders for up-coming events (weddings being a particular feature).  It was picked up and promoted by various outlets such as What’s On Glasgow and we even had our first in-store Periscope broadcast courtesy of the lovely Forever Yours Betty and Honeypop, who brought a real sense of fun and high energy to Helen’s day.


When Helen’s scarves were picked up for a Mother’s Day Metro newspaper feature via BWPR, this piece of press was effective not only for sales of the Mermaid wool twill scarf but also of promoting both Helen and Wear Eponymous.  Santorus London discovered us through this feature and not only joined the W.E. platform, but also became an associate of Helen as she very graciously gave them good feedback of her experiences with us when they quite rightly wanted to know more about us during our initial chats.  Brands don’t have to do this and we appreciate when they take their time to share their experiences.


We’re approaching our next winter popup and, being in the most artistic space yet, we are very keen to witness how the customers in this creative environment respond to Helen’s designs when placed amongst a variety of prestigious pieces.  We’re hedging our bets that the answer will be that they responded fantastically!