Working With Anya Sushko

Sometimes there are so many similarities in your creative journeys that it become clear you should be working together.  When you read our case study of working with Anya Sushko you’ll understand why it was a no-brainer to invite such a stunning brand into the W.E. community.

We first met Anya through discovering a promotional platform called Sales Servant which was run by Lenka Gourdie (also behind Bag Servant).  Lenka also knew of Alan’s IT development background and while he agreed to help Anya develop her website remotely from Scotland (she’s based in London), he also knew she’d be ideal for our newly launched business.  Anya was in from early on and it wasn’t long before her beautiful bag designs were generating interest via our freshly developing audience.

Wardrobe Conversations

Wardrobe Conversations


When we ran Wear Eponymous presents: The Wardrobe at Glasgow Fort during our first W.E. Christmas, Anya was happy to be included and we all understood that this was new territory for a high end brand as the average price point for handbags at Glasgow Fort was arguably lower due to the fast fashion brands in this location.  What many may not be aware of is that Glasgow Fort houses the second largest Zara in Scotland and the third highest grossing Swarovski shop in the world (after Hong Kong and New York) and we were located directly beside both!  Anya’s brand received lots of publicity, caught the eye of many Christmas shoppers and a few lucky people woke up to a nice, new Anya design on Christmas morning that year!


Not all designers understand that you rarely have control over who the press will request images of from your showcased brands when they want to write a feature on you and strong photography plus a striking campaign will go a long way in making you one of the selected few.  

Anya’s excellent product shots and beautiful campaign images have resulted in the press opting to run with her products again and again.  It’s not surprising when you see them for yourself and many of her sales through W.E. have her first class images to thank.  They simply do her work justice, something that can commonly let otherwise great brands down.


When we ran our 2015 summer event in Princes Square, it made sense to feature Anya in this luxury location and, again, she drew attention through her striking designs and campaign imagery that made her an easy choice for advertising and press features.  

This time bigger pieces sold and to a variety of customers from different demographics, further confirming that the brand spoke to the audience it was targeting.


Rolling on to our winter concept boutique, Anya yet again participated in this location as Princes Square was made for her and her selection of gifts for this season covered everything from purses and pencil cases to some absolute showstoppers!  We even had a repeat customer who made her weekly pilgrimage to come and view her favourite pink handbag - you can see why!


We love seeing Anya’s brand develop and she’s now actively sharing her skills with fans and followers through regular workshops at her London atelier.  It’s lovely to see her celebrity clients, such as Judy Naake of St Tropez tanning and Baroness Karren Brady sharing their handmade Anya Sushko creations and we’re thrilled to watch this beautiful brand secure it’s place in the luxury handbag market.