Working with Karen Smith Jewellery

We’ve been working with Karen Smith jewellery for close to a year now and this exceptionally intricate and unique range has proved on countless occasions that clever, sophisticated design will sell to the right customer every time.

We work with independent creators of a variety of price ranges and we always adhere to our ethos of accessible luxury, meaning that beautiful pieces needn't be priced at a level out of reach for the majority of consumers.  High end does not necessarily mean high price point and Karen is a prime example of a maker who clearly creates pieces of extraordinarily intricate detail and has priced her collection accordingly.  

When Karen first joined us, we were operating our Princes Square popup and in addition to stocking the key collection in store and online, we also added a selection of pieces to the walkway entrance display that we had curated.  Sometimes this goes no further than promotion and PR for a brand, while other times it’s enough of an advert to entice a customer into the shop to buy the piece immediately and, wonderfully for Karen, the latter happened very quickly and a regular customer of ours simply had to have the red showpiece necklace we’d featured.  As we both knew, this is a fantastic result, never guaranteed, but feels great for all involved as the competition from local jewellery brands in both Princes Square and Argyle Arcade is fierce, so choosing an independent over all of these feels like a little victory for any developing brand.


The particular collection we carry online is positioned at the higher end of our featured jewellery brands and for some there may be a fear that they won’t be able to compete with less expensive brand in their category, but Karen proves this theory wrong as her designs are so eye-catching and unusual that those who want them, buy them!  These creations have what could almost be described as a magnetic pull on smitten customers and it’s always a joy to watch a new Karen Smith fan walk away with their new treats.

Image of Leiper Gallery Concept Store courtesy of Ryan James Studio

Image of Leiper Gallery Concept Store courtesy of Ryan James Studio

Professional working relationships are crucial to the success of any joint venture and not only is Karen is a breeze to work with, she has also proven to any industry doubters that unique, eye-catching designs at a higher price point will engage with the consumer when you have everything on point with your brand.

Creators often have no idea how beneficial it is to us when they share the positive payoffs of connecting with our platform that they may not even think are relevant for us to know.  Karen has the good grace to do this and has made us aware that simply being connected with our platform in name alone has assisted her standing in the independent jewellery community, not to mention the prestige which comes with showcasing in stunning locations such as Princes Square and Leiper Fine Art.  This profile increase is just as important as cash in the bank as it adds authority, trust and confirmation to a potential purchaser that your brand is developing, growing and gaining a strong following.

We look forward to developing our professional working relationship with Karen even further this year and can’t wait to see what her future collections will entail.  If the reception of her current work is anything to go by then 2017 is looking very bright!