W.E. Present BRANDM.A.D.E.

You’re familiar with the Eponymous ethos to ‘be your own story’.  Everyone has their own path to travel, be it in business or life and it’s integral that you make the necessary compromises while never settling for any less than you deserve.  


After three years of solidly supporting and promoting independent brands it’s become clear to us that it’s not getting easier to break through, it’s actually getting harder.  There’s more competition joining the market each month, dwindling retail outlets due to the pressures of the high street and constantly changing SEO algorithms to contend with, not to mention social media channels continuously moving the goalposts, often in favour of paying advertisers.  

It may sound bleak but the good news it’s really not. Hard work?  Absolutely, but the route to success is there for everyone if you’re prepared for the journey.  For every challenge there is a huge opportunity and what we may have lost in the outlets and opportunities of the past we’ve replaced with a global connectivity that we could have only dreamed of.  It’s what you do with the opportunities you create that is the key to success!

As we’ve been privy to the inside of this industry, we’ve chosen to create BRANDM.A.D.E. to assist both Wear Eponymous and non Eponymous brands and customers tap into the wealth of knowledge and network of industry experts that could otherwise be out of reach. It may be reassurance in what you’re doing, evolution of your business model, visual merchandising and product design contacts or a non-biased critique to save you time, money and unnecessary stress.  We’ve been there, we get it, and it’s time to share the knowledge with you.


So what is BRANDM.A.D.E.?

BRANDM.A.D.E. comprises of guidance and a network of business connections ready and waiting to talk with small businesses about the challenges you face such as:

Marketing - the business essential and you often don't know where to start!  From collating recommended outlets lists, goal setting and strategy planning to creating introductions for you with those in the know, businesses are simply a well kept secret without a strong marketing plan.

Advice - we've curated a wide network of experts we’ve personally worked with and who we trust to advise on a wide range of business related pain points.  There are times in any business when you need confidential support during a challenging times or require professional assistance in a technical situation.  From recommended suppliers to trouble shooting, there’s someone in our network who’s been there, done it and can share their experience.

Development - a key challenge for small businesses is brand development.  Our network of branding consultants, brand awareness and visuals experts are available to discuss how to finesse your product or service, add luxe and value without high costs and spot any undiscovered design flaws or oversights before it’s a weighty expense.  

Evolution - brands and business have got to keep moving and it isn’t cheap.  How do you evolve when you’ve got the ideas but not the cash-flow?  When you’ve hit a creative wall and don’t know which direction to take the brand?  Tap into our pool of people who’ve worked with high level brands and can help you make that decision from a standpoint of success.

There’s more to come as we continue our BRANDM.A.D.E. blogging series and to get in touch regarding anything BRANDM.A.D.E., you can email the team at info@weareponymous.com