How W.E. Would Dress for Ascot - A Day at the Races

A day a the races sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?  With images of chilled champagne, perfectly manicured lawns and the warmth of the sun gently basking down on a gathering of sophisticated guests.  Your imagination could run away with you quicker than a racehorse in a Jilly Cooper bestseller!

The reality is striking the balance between sophistication, comfort and preparation for a changeable weather (or cooler temperatures as the day progresses).  We’ve sympathised with the attendees who's images of heels stuck in grass, skirts blowing wildly in a gust of wind or fascinators heading south are captured and shared in the press and on social media.  

So what can you do to make it to the best-dressed lists and achieve the goal of looking and feeling good the whole day?  For starters, you can seek out brands who specialise in designs for special occasions and haven’t saturated the market with their signature look.  While it certainly isn’t the end of the world if someone turns up dressed identically to you, it isn’t the ideal scenario, so do yourself a favour and begin by searching out designers who’s creations are ideal for outdoor events (well-made, fabrics which flow and let the body breathe while having enough weight in them to prevent the dreaded gust of wind flash!) and always do the 360 check in the mirror to make sure it looks great from all angles.  

When you invest in a designer piece you are committing this item to your longterm wardrobe and not just a one-season wonder, so embrace alternations if necessary and remember that you can adapt and adjust the basic shape to fit you PERFECTLY.  What’s more comfortable than that?

Accessories for the races are key - some statement jewellery, a comfortable clutch, a wrap or scarf for chilly moments and, of course, a key piece of millinery.  This is where you can really have some fun and inject your personality into the overall look.  If you want to turn heads, go for the statement head piece and if you’re looking for a conversation starter, opt for a wow accessory and statement piece of jewellery that'll really turn heads.  It needn’t be expensive but, again, selecting from an independent brand adds to the exclusively of your look and will have many a guest asking where you got your key pieces from. 

It’s a long day but a fun one and don’t forget the trick many of us use of bringing a second pair of shoes for when the high heels start to pinch.  Hair and makeup should be as you like it and easy to maintain (you don’t want to battle your hair sticking to your lipgloss all day) and it might not be practical to head to the ladies to retouch and refresh your look, depending on the set-up.

We’ve saved the key piece of information until last and it’s the most important advice we can give.  Enjoy yourself!  Dress for yourself, be your own story and make memories.