“Happy Birthday Mr President” Dress is worth its weight in Gold

When you’re designing a product or solidifying your brand message, the ultimate goal is to create something that is memorable and has value.  If you’re very lucky, you’ll strike gold with a range that speaks to your ideal customer and if you strive for your ultimate goal you could find yourself in the wonderful situation of being a desirable brand with an instantly recognisable range that a huge audience would be happy to purchase.  

The legendary designers Bob Mackie and Jean Louis played a key part in the amazing story of the Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday dress (the name alone being a clear indicator of it’s relevance in fashion history) and this great piece of research from our guest contributors, Watch Shop, demonstrates that when the stars align, your creations can not only do wonders for your brand, it could solidify your name in the history books too!
Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr President” Dress is worth its weight in Gold

The dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing 'Happy Birthday' to President John F. Kennedy, Jr. in 1962 is up for auction and is expected to sell for $3 million in November. The form-fitted, nude dress features 2,500 crystals and was designed by Jean Louis and Bob Mackie.

Do you ever find yourself justifying your recent purchase of the latest fashion staple, with the reason of… it’s a ‘good investment’? We’ve all been there, and in some cases it IS totally justifiable…especially when the items result in being worth more than their weight in gold later down the line!

There aren’t many dresses that are iconic as the one Marilyn Monroe wore to sing “ Happy Birthday” to former president John F. Kennedy, and believe me there are hardly any as expensive. According to  new research carried about by WatchShop Marilyn’s dress is worth more than 1,000 times it’s own weight in gold. The memorable crystal covered dress is the one she wore to sing Happy Birthday to JF Kennedy in 1962. A dress so bespoke, that she actually had to be sewn into it. The $4.8-million dollar item was the most expensive dress ever sold when it was purchased by Ripley's Believe It or Not! in November 2016, according to its website.

Based on this, the dress's weight (103 grams), and the price of gold, experts at WatchShop estimate that the memorable dress is actually worth more than 1,145 times its weight in gold.



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Which designs or creations do you think are worth their weight in gold?  Is it the technology development originating from Apple that moved the world forward at lightening speed or possibly the coffee shop revolution that changed how we consume food and beverages in the last few decades?  Maybe it’s car design, fashion evolution or the rise of on-demand entertainment? Let us know!